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Solar Street light


3 Led Street Light
Led street Light
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Solar street light
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Street light


D-Light Solar Street Light an ideal unit for the illumination of streets, squares and cross roads located in rural and urban power starved areas. The standalone solar photovoltaic street lighting system compresses of Solar PV module for battery charging rechargeable lead acid Battery for storage, Compact Fluorescent Lamp and safe guard to the battery charging & discharging. Hardware like pole, battery box etc for fixing of these sub systems. D-Light street lighting System is designed for automatic dusk to down operation. Luminary is designed for operation in all weather conditions. The outdooer lighting system is equipped with a high efficiency electronic inverter and charge controller with deep discharge, over charge and lighting protections to enhance the battery life


3 Led street light


D-Lights compact light Emitting Diodes ( Led's) to deliver power solutions anywhere darkness begins. The Revolution in the field of new generation stand alone Sun powered system.


- Eco Friendly

- World class German LED

- Low Cost High Results

- Compact & easy to install

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Led Street light


D-Light's compact Light Emiting DIODES (LED's) to deliver power power solutions anywhere darkness begins. The revolution inthe field of new generation standalone.


- Eco friendly

- World class SPV Module

- Fully automatic

- Low cost high Results

- Compact & Easy to install

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CFL & LED Models


Available in :

1. Automatic Dusk to Down Operation.
2. No strains & Pains of Manual Operation.
3. Free from Messy Cable.
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