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Submersible pump


A submersible pump is one that is immersed in water. It pumps water by displacement. Submersible pumps are suitable for both to deep well and to surface water sources. Most deep wells use submersible pumps. These pumps are costlier but have a longer life and greater reliability than surface pumps.




These pumps ae designed for high head and medium flow applications. They multi stage pump and high efficiency micro - computer based inverter. The inverter optimizes the power input and thus enhances the overall system efficency.


Total Dynamic Head


Water output (Lit day)
1200Wp 1800Wp
7 55000 72000
10 50000 67000
25 30000 47000
30 29000 39000
50 7000 20000
Model DL-1200 GF DL-1800 GF
Array capacity 1200 Wp 1800 Wp
Solar Panel size 75 Wp 75 Wp
No. of solar Panels 16 24
Support structure 1 2
Pump capacity 0.75hp 0.75hp
Maximum total head 50m 50m
Water Discharge size 40mm 40mm
Water output@30m head 29,000 Lit\day 39,000 Lit\day
Arry tracking structure 1 no. 1 No.
Arry junction box 2 Nos. 2 Nos.
Installation Kit 1 Set 1 Set
User manual 1 no. 1 No.
2"HDPE pipe 50m 50 m
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