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Surface centrifugal pump


Surface pump are suitable for areas were the water level is within 7 m below ground level. A surface or centrifugal pump is normally placed at ground level. The pump is suitable for pumping from shallow bore wells, open wells, reserviors, Lakes & Canals. The solar pump driven by a permanent DC Motor is connected directly to an array of solar panels. The pump has a total dynamic head (suction plus delivery) of 14 m. The maximum suction head is 7 m. or 22 feet. The pump will not work if the water table is below 7 m depth. These pumps are designed for high flow rates and low heads. The permanent magent DC motor driving the surface pump is powered by the matching solar array to maimise efficiency. An enclosed impeller design ensures smooth operation. Made of cast iron, These pumps are finished with anti - corrosive primer, followed by silver colored polyurethane paint.


Total Dynamic Head


Water output (Lit day)
900Wp 1800Wp
6 1,10,000 1,43,000
8 1,04,500 1,37,500
10 75,000 1,21,000
14 68,750 1,10,000
Model DL-1200 GF DL-1800 GF
Array capacity 900 Wp 1800 Wp
Solar Panel size 75 Wp 75 Wp
No. of solar Panels 12 24
Support structure 1 2
Pump capacity 1hp 2hp
Maximum total head 14m 14m
Maximum Suction head 7m 7m
Water discharge size 52mm 65mm
Water output@10m head 75,000 lit\day 1,40.000 lit/day
Array Tracking structure 1no. 1 no.
Array junction box 1no. 1no.
Installation kit 1 set 1 set
User manual 1no. 1no.
2"HDPE pipe 10m 10m
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