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Solar water heating
Solar parabolic steam
Solar cooker (Dish box type)
Solar dryer


Sun the ever lasting Energy Bank.........


Special Features of ETC Solar Water Heater


Reliable, Affordable, Versatile


High operating efficiency


Easy to install & operate


Minimal maintenance

one-time investment for free hot

water every day.


Almost all through the years &



Value for your money.


Applicable Area :

House, Hostel, Hospital, Hotel,

Industries, Office



Output temperature 60 to 65 C

2. MNRE approved system
3. TIG \ MIG Welded SS 304 tank rock wool \ puff insulated
4. Electrical backup with thermostat for "No Sunshine" Days (Optional)

Special grade borosilicate glass with selective absorption coating


6. Life span more than 15 years
7. SS Reflector for maximum heat reflection
8. Support structure made of SS\Zinc coated for corrosion resitance

Better performance in winter & cloudy days compared to flat plate


10. Enormous energy saving & Pay back in one year.
11. Hard water \ Scalling does not corrode the glass tubes
12. Maintenance free & easy to clean the system
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