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Two types of solar water pumping


1. Submersible pumps

2. DC Surface Pumps


System component :


The whole system of solar pumping includes the panels, support structure with tracking mechanism, electronic parts for regulation, cable, pipes and the pump itself.


Solar panels or modules


Solar panels are the major components used for driving the solar pump. Several solar panels connected together in arrays produces DC electricityy. Interconnections are made using series or parallel combinations to achieve desired voltage and power for the pump.


Solar pump


Centrifugal or submersible pumps are connected directly to the solar array using DC power produced by the solar. Solar pumps are available in several capacities depending upon the requirement of water.


Support structure and tracking mechanism


Support structure provides stability to the mounted solar panels and protects them from theft or natural calamities. To obtain maximum output of water, a manual tracking device is fixed to the support structure. Tracking increase the output of water by allowing the panels to face the sun as it moves across the sky.


Foundations (array and pump)


Foundations are provided for support structures and pump.


Electrical interconnections


A set of cables of appropriate size, junction boxes connectors and switches are provided along with the installation.


Earthing Kit


Earthing kit is provided for safety in case of lighting or short circuit.




Pipes and fittings required to connect the pump come as part of the installation.

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