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1. The power of future

2. Worldwide dependency for best solar energy.


Nature has given us SUN the ultimate & plenty of Power forever. D-Light is the way to harvest Pure & Free… Energy. We integrate the systems with major components like Solar Photovoltaic Modules of multinational brand Mistsubishi, Japan. Battery bank, Inverter, simply operation and maintenance, beautiful appearance and long life, the solar power system is widely applied in the world and is changing into alternative energy sources from the supplementary energy. By means of study and production of controller, inverter and photovoltaic system engineering. We have accumulated rich experience and provided users with complete solar power design scheme, and a series services such ad engineering design, installation, debugging and maintenance to meet different requirements of clients, to make the entire power generation system reach high efficiency and ensure the stability and reliability of the system.


Sun energy SPV Module Controller DC-AC Converter
        Battery bank   Load


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